Effective April 30, 2019

Our Vision

A cohesive and inclusive Jewish Community in the North Georgia Mountains that contributes to the area’s spiritual growth and well-being.


Our Mission

To serve the area’s Jewish residents and the local community by providing a center for religious observance, learning, charity, and Jewish identity.


Our Priorities

  1. Worship
    Provide religious services for Shabbat and holidays
  2. Learning
    Develop opportunities for education and personal growth through the study of Judaism and Jewish life
  3. Charity
    Support our local communities through charitable gifts and volunteerism
  4. Jewish Identity
    Foster relationships among the area’s Jewish residents through social interaction, support during times of need, and celebration of our shared heritage

2019 Strategic Plan

  1. Worship
    1. Hold monthly, Friday night Shabbat Services using Reform prayer materials
    2. Pursue variety and congregational participation
    3. Conduct High Holy Day services
    4. Conduct Purim and Sukkot observances
    5. Hold a Passover Seder
  2. Learning
    1. Develop a series of monthly, hour-long religious study sessions on religious topics of interest to congregants. Focus on months when most congregants are available.
    2. Pursue educational opportunities during worship services
    3. Find new ways to support current learning programs
  3. Charity
    1. Strengthen current volunteer activities to draw more congregant participation in more charitable events
    2. Develop a more formal plan for monetary support for area charities
    3. Improve communication about charitable and volunteer opportunities
  4. Jewish Identity
    1. Create a Care Committee to support congregants during times of need
    2. Support the provision of oneg following monthly services
    3. Provide opportunities to socialize following religious study sessions
    4. Hold a public Hanukkah celebration in downtown Blue Ridge
    5. Increase participation in interfaith activities
    6. Identify opportunities for collaboration with Simcha Chaim activities
  5. Organizational Improvement
    1. Develop succession plans for all Board, religious leadership, and non-Board (Outreach, Volunteering, Event, etc.) positions
    2. Train more congregants to lead services
    3. Pursue a relationship with the Institute for Southern Jewish Life (ISJL); keep the Jewish Federation on our radar